Frequently Asked ?'s

  • What is V?
              V is a Blood Orange flavored vape juice made in a clean tier 4 lab with organic MSDS logged concentrates.
              VG/PG Ratio (77/33)
              Must be of legal smoking age to order.                 
  • What is an unlimited non-exclusive rights beat-instrumental lease?

    This is a license (lease) where the artist has the right to make an unlimited number of copies for their own profit. Most online beat selling agents put a very specific number on the amount of copies that the artist (buyer) is allowed to make/or profit from. At DJ Aqueous Online there is no set limitation on the length of time or number of performances that the artist has to use the track. I personally do not care how much money, or how many copies are made, in fact I encourage that as many as possible are distributed. As long as the production written credit "Produced by DJ Aqueous" is used as defined in the lease agreement everything is in good standing (shot outs are encouraged but not a requirement or a subsititute). What the unlimited agreement does not support, is profits generated by a third party (Major label, synchronization deal, etc.). Neither agreement, non-exclusive rights agreement or exclusive rights agreement, sell the complete ownership rights from the producer to the artist.
  • What is an exclusive rights beat-instrumental?

    100% exclusive! In this agreement, the artist (buyer) is the only one who has the permission and option to use the beat. I can no longer sell this beat to other artists. The producer retains the ownership rights.
  • Why don't you have any exclusive rights beat-instrumentals posted on the beat store?

    I build your original or remix from scratch and customer tailored to your requests, style, and genre. I believe in customer satisfaction, personalized custom jobs, and good customer service. It has always been important to me to generate good art and provide outstanding services.
  • What sets DJ Aqueous Online above the rest?

    I mentioned the rare unlimited usage, true exclusive projects, and attention to customer care above. But then there is the most obvious point of them all, I am an actively working DJ!
  • What mixtape options does provide?

    Mixtape options include: Studio Mix Down (traditional mixtape blend, professional transitions and efx), Pro Drops (High quality voice-overs and shout outs), Raw and Radio Edits (original & clean version options), Album Artwork, Coast 2 Coast slots ( have your track feature on a C2C mixtape), Online SEO promo.

    Please Contact us for details.


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